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Mold in Real Estate


1. The USEPA has reported that home air can have 100 times more chemicals inside than outside.


2. The USEPA has also reported that adults and kids now spend most of their time indoors (90%).


3. The CDC has reported that 20+ million adults have asthma, and the National Asthma Survey has reported that asthma is the most prevalent chronic disease among children. These numbers continue to increase annually, suggesting that the indoor environment plays a contributing role in this trend.


4. Mold growth can be present within the home and be hidden behind walls or underneath carpeting or flooring.


5. The use of Formaldehyde is prevalent in certain building materials and the concentration of this known cancer-causing agent can be many times the safe level.

Photos from recent mold assessments and observations of water infiltration. 

Mold Assessment: Moisture meter reading 54.1% RM

Mold Assessment: Moisture meter reading 54.1% RM

Bathroom exhaust venting into attic space.

Bathroom exhaust venting into attic space.

Mold remediation

Mold remediation

Mold remediator cleaning hard surface.

Mold remediator cleaning hard surface.

Residential flooding:

Residential flooding:

Deteriorated window casing. Fungal spores

Deteriorated window casing a sign of water infiltration. Fungal spores accumulating.

Moisture infiltration at ceiling.

Moisture infiltration at ceiling [peak] intersection, indicates deficiencies with building envelope. Visible compromise in substrate.

Winter inspection

A winter building inspection reveals the result of a second-floor water leak. Presenting as an ice-column.

Efflorescence on foundation wall

Efflorescence on foundation wall. An indication of moisture presence.

Water leak from floor two bathroom

Surface fungal accumulation on a floor one ceiling, from a second floor water leak.

fungal accumulation on wall

Water Infiltration: accumulated fungal spores on room partitions after water infiltration.

lower-level wall-surface fungus

Water infiltration: Surface accumulation on room partitions after prolonged water exposure.

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